6 Foods That Increase Metabolism

One of the biggest mistakes many people trying to lose weight make is not eating enough. More accurately, they don’t eat frequently enough to keep their metabolisms going. Starvation and fad diets are very counterproductive for weight loss because they will actually slow your metabolism down. Eating small, frequent meals can help you lose weight because it keeps your metabolism going at a pretty steady pace. Listed below are 6 foods that increase your metabolism and help you lose more weight.

1.    Coconut Oil


This oil contains certain fatty acids that your body uses as energy instead of storing. It’s also thought to stimulate your thyroid, which regulates the metabolism. Although coconut oil contains saturated fats, it has no cholesterol, and when used in moderation can have a great effect on your waistline.

2.    Bee pollen


Bee pollen is one of those foods that increase metabolism that seem exotic, but can be found at farmers markets, grocery stores, or at local farms and apiaries. These concentrated grains are a nutritionally complete food, which helps control hunger and appetite. It’s also thought to speed up metabolism for this reason.

3.    Ginger


This tasty root is the spice of choice in many areas of the world. It’s thought to have metabolism boosting properties, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. Fresh ginger can be grated over almost any dish or dried and powdered for use as a spice.

4.    Garlic


Not only does garlic make just about any dish better, it’s one of the great foods that increase metabolism. It is naturally anti-bacterial and promotes the flushing of toxins from your body, which can also aid in weight loss. You can add garlic to almost any savory dish for flavor and health benefits. Photo by mdid

5.    Seaweed


Seaweed, once thought to be simply a nuisance of the beach, actually has great value as a metabolism boosting food. It contains iodine too, and can be used as a healthy salt substitute in soups, salads, and stir fries. Dry seaweed can be found in many grocery stores and most health food markets.



6.    Cabbage


Cabbage contains a lot of B vitamins, which give the body energy. Many foods that increase metabolism have properties that add extra energy, and cabbage has the added benefit of containing compounds that eliminate free radicals as well. Add cabbage to salads, soups, and other dishes for a metabolism boost.


Adding these metabolism boosting foods to your weight loss plan can be a lot more effective for weight loss than trying to cut down on how often you eat. Consuming a food that is known to increase your metabolism with every meal or snack can keep your metabolism from slowing down throughout the day. Combined with drinking plenty of water and watching your calorie intake, foods that increase metabolism pave the way to successful weight loss. What’s even better is that most of these foods are a tasty addition to any diet or recipe!


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