7 Metabolism boosting foods to burn more calories.

With so much focus on weight loss these days, many people are looking for easy ways to increase their metabolism. While everyone’s body works a bit differently, there are several factors that can affect how you use energy. Eating these metabolism boosting foods can certainly help. It’s well known that our metabolisms tend to slow down as we age, so here’s a quick look at 7 easy ways you can give yours an extra boost.


1.    Add Warming Spices to Your Meals


There are certain foods like cinnamon, garlic, hot peppers, mustard, and vinegar that are thought to have “warming” properties that will temporarily boost your metabolism. They do this by raising the temperature of your body, which is a signal for your metabolism to start working even harder.

2.    Have Oatmeal for Breakfast


Not only is oatmeal a hearty and filling breakfast, but it helps you stay full through the morning. This fiber-rich whole grain is a big metabolism booster because it takes longer to digest than other foods. Try some topped with a spoonful of tasty berries for a great start to the morning.

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3.    Grapefruit


This fruit has been the subject of myth and fad diets for years because studies have shown that it can promote weight loss. It is generally thought that the high levels of vitamin C reduce insulin levels and detoxify the liver, which helps the metabolism function efficiently.

4.    Choose Foods That Make Your Body Work Harder


By eating foods that need to be chewed more or take longer to digest, you can burn more calories and speed your metabolism. These metabolism boosting foods include lean cuts of meat, whole fruit and grains, as well as vegetables. More chewing means that your body is expending more energy.

5.    Choose Low-Fat Dairy Products


Low fat dairy products contain calcium, which is an essential mineral for the body. Calcium is thought to aid in weight loss and burn fat. A moderate amount of low fat dairy can add a lot of nutrients to your weight loss plan.

6.    Increase Your Protein to Build Muscle and Burn Fat


Protein rich foods have been shown to increase the metabolism at mealtime. That’s partly because protein is more complex and takes longer to digest than other types of food. Fish and poultry are both metabolism boosting foods because they have high levels of protein.

7.    Don’t Forget To Eat Your Broccoli


The vegetable that may have been the scourge of your childhood has some surprising metabolism boosting qualities. It’s high in vitamin C, which helps the body absorb calcium and effectively, and phytochemicals which can ward off disease.


The metabolism can be a tricky thing to predict. Some people have naturally high metabolisms which enhances their ability to burn calories. On the other hand, women tend to have slower metabolisms than men. Eating metabolism boosting foods is an excellent way to give yourself an extra calorie burning boost, even when biology is working against you.

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